2019 at NAMM:

Saturday was my "hanging out with the industry giants" day at NAMM. In the pix above (LEFT): Robbie Krieger (white hat guitarist from The Doors) and I at the JBL booth. We reminisced about the "Doors of the 21st Century" tour that we did with him and (R.I.P) Ray Manzarek. Great memories indeed!
(Right):Tom Wolfe (my partner at the University of Alabama) at the left, and (in the center, at his pre-production lecture) is Michael Beinhorn. In case the name doesn't ring a bell...he is the 6 time Grammy winning (& 7 time nominee) producer of Soundgarden, Herbie Hancock, Marilyn Manson, Korn, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Aerosmith, Ozzy Osborne, Hole, and "The Cult" ...whose lead singer (Ian Astbury) was also on the "Doors of the 21st Century" tour and sang the Jim Morrison parts very accurately!!

Photo color correction by Carole Johnston

Bernie Grundman and I hanging out at the "Mix With The Masters" booth. You probably don't know his name, but he is one of the most successful "mastering" engineers in the world. Bernie Grundman mastered fully 85% of the records released from most of the Hollywood based record labels from about 1984 to the present day. An amazing talent, with top of the line gear, and his presentation was top notch. I asked several technical questions during the Q&A, and after we took this picture, he changed my mind about several of the "must do" ideas that I have stuck with since recording and engineering the Wolf stuff that I'm responsible for. If you are an up and coming engineer, writer, composer, mixer, or producer, do yourself a favor and seek out his services as "the last step" before your art hits the market. Thanks, Bernie!!!

...and just for laughs:

Gotta love corporate, right? The pass on the left is from 2018, and it's correct. The pass on the right is from 2019, and I'm a "BUYER" from "Encino, AL"

Meanwhile, if anyone is in the vicinity of the University of Alabama on February 20th

John will be here kicking of his 2019 initiative tour. I will be recording the entire presentation in hi-def, and Charlie Wolf will also be here to help out. See flyer below for info: