Snapshots From The Road: Lahr,Germany

Snapshots From The Road:

At the Daytona-Europe Festival
Lahr, Germany

7 snapshots from Lahr

We left San Francisco on a Saturday afternoon at 3:30pm, and flew non-stop to Frankfurt, Germany. As a result of the northbound flight path that the pilot took, the sun was up for the entire flight, and we landed at 10:30 am the next morning. After a (rather speedy) 2 hour ride on one of Germany's many Autobahn's, we spent a brief 45 minutes at the hotel, then it was off to the festival site to play our show.

Festival Site

The Daytona-Europe Festival was sponsored by SWF3, one of Germany's largest broadcasting facilities.
View from sound board
The festival was promoted well, and a large crowd attended.
The sound & lighting tower is pictured at the top right.
SWF3 camera crew

A camera crew was sent from SWF3 television. The interview they conducted with us aired the next day.

"Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends"

Our show immediately preceded a performance by Emerson, Lake, & Palmer. Despite the severe jet lag, we stayed on site and listened to their set. Here are some pictures as shot backstage and from stage right:

Michael Wilk & Keith Emerson

Michael Wilk and Keith Emerson.
ELP setlist
Today's setlist.....cheers, mate!
ELP on stage ELP on stage
Emerson, Lake & Palmer on stage

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